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The Dangers Of A Sedentary Office

In life, people often ignore the harm it brings because of some very common things, standing and sitting is a very frequent behavior in our lives. In ordinary life, a majority of people will subconsciously because of the comfort brought by sitting, once sitting down, do not want to get up, or even sit for a whole day, but do not know that such a long time to sit for a long time caused by the harm is huge. Here are some of the dangers of sitting for long periods of time.


The dangers of sitting too long


1. Harm to the body

Sitting for long periods of time can cause your inferior vena cava to be squeezed against your own muscles, internal organs, and bones. Once pressed, like pinching a straw, the liquid inside won't flow. That is to say, the blood in the veins will not return from the lower extremities to the heart, and will accumulate in the lower extreme veins for a long time, which is easy to cause varicose veins in the lower extremities.


2. Harm to cervical spine

When you face a computer for a long time, your head will involuntarily stretch forward (which you may do unconsciously).  At this time, some of the muscles in the back will be stretched, while the trapezius and chest muscles in the neck will remain tight for a long time, and the "wealth pack" and trapezius muscle pack that girls are so worried about will slowly appear.


3. Harm to the spine

The human spine is made up of alternating discs of bone and cartilage. Joints, muscles and ligaments are attached to the bones and hold the spine together as a whole. When you work hard, your back bends and your shoulders sag, putting pressure on your spine. The common sitting posture is accompanied by a hunched back and sagging shoulders, which puts unbalanced pressure on the spine. Over time, discs wear down, some ligaments and joints are overused, and muscles are overworked to accommodate the curved back position. A series of negative physical effects ensue.



Airstick mobile computer cart for relief


1. Improved sedentary posture

The GAS 1000 series gas stick mobile computer cart can be adjusted at any time, some of the negative effects of low or high desk can be completely improved. When you feel sore back and neck after one or two hours of work, you can achieve standing office through the lifting function of the air rod. Moreover, the I-foot is equipped with four universal silent casters, and you can also move to a comfortable and appropriate place for standing office alternately, which can effectively relieve the harm caused by sitting for a long time or lowering your head.


2. Body hazards have been solved 

Because the pneumatic lever lifting cart can stand the exchange office reason. As a result, cervical and spinal problems caused by sedentary posture are well improved. It can also effectively promote blood circulation, avoid chest tightness, chest pain, shortness of breath and other symptoms, greatly beneficial to the health of the user.